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I’m Jon Le Tocq, elite fitness coach and world traveller!

In 2016 I decided to fulfil a dream I had been talking about for 10 years.

In 2010 I cycled across the USA and it sparked something inside me that grew and grew as I went about my life and business.

I’ve trained thousands of people through my fitness camps, personal training, sports conditioning, African fitness retreats and online programs but I couldn’t shake the urge to go and see the world!

After closing up my fitness business in Guernsey (a small island between the UK and France), I finally decided to headed off to the USA for 3 months to train with and learn from the best coaches I could find!

From May 2016 I will be travelling around the USA and then on to as many countries as possible around the world meeting new friends and coaches, taking on fitness challenges and ticking off my fitness bucket list!

I like to work in 12 week bursts with total focus then move on to a new challenge!

You can watch the journey through this website and through the usual social media channels which will be full of stories and videos of my experience!

Not only that but I’ll be releasing programs based on my journey¬†so you can benefit from everything I learn, and organising meet ups around the world!

Go check out the interactive map on the home page and see what’s been going on!